About Desquiciados

Oh mortal being. Dark soul in search of equals. You have come to the right place. A place full of unique objects that make it clear who and how you are. Created thanks to arts learned in the darkest of the Underworld, these objects reflect your vision of life, and death; they show that you are a unique creature, oblivious to worldly fashions and willing to follow your own rules.

For you, who are able to recognize the beauty of darkness and everything that surrounds it, we offer these creations with our unhinged vision of characters from horror films, music and literature that represent our way of seeing the world. Also, you will find beings coming from our imagination or from memories of past times when we were still part of that land of the afterlife, banned from ordinary souls.

Our seal

All our creations are handmade. Each one of them has taken their time, their attention and their care down to the last detail to ensure that it is prepared to be received by the right person, that it’s you or that creature, also out of the ordinary, that you appreciate so much.

About us

Desquiciados are Laura and Javi. Long ago, respected inhabitants of the Underworld who for reasons already forgotten were exiled and condemned to guard the door between worlds located in that place called Villaoscura.

Why do a couple of demons in human guise spend their time leaving a part of themselves in mortal homes? Well, that is something that will be revealed in time to those who have their souls ready for it.

Is yours? If so, join the shadows.

You already have an idea, more or less, of who we are and what you are going to find in our world. Now, if that’s okay with you, we want to show you what we do.

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