What we do

Boredom encourages creativity, they said. Centuries of exile in your world have caused that we have already covered our quota of it and now we cannot stand still until we bring forward all the ideas that we have in our heads.

You have two product lines at your disposal. Villaoscura, based on our illustrations and the objects they decorate. The other, El Sótano, takes a more deranged direction if possible and there you will find unique items created practically from scratch.

We do not entertain you anymore.

In Villaoscura store you can find home products decorated with the illustrations that you like so much. There you have wall clocks, coasters, boxes in which you can store your most precious goods… and much more.

In El Sótano we unfold our most sinister side. Uncommon handmade figures and masks inspired by the creatures of the Underworld wait in the dark for you to be ready to receive them. Join the shadows.

The wall clocks, coasters, boxes and other products that you will find in Villaoscura have to be special for some reason. If not, they would be ordinary objects that you could find anywhere.

What makes them different are the drawings that are part of them. Illustrations of the great horror movie characters, rock stars, creatures from Gothic literature, and other fantastic beings from the Underworld that pass through our unhinged vision of the world to reach you.

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